24 Things that Happen to You When you Put on a Spanx

The Spanx, that wonderful invention that hides conceals and molds, and that can turn a celebrity into a goddess. But sometimes even this faithful ally can cause problems. These are the situations that every woman goes through when she puts on a Spanx.

After a successful woman, there is almost always a shapewear, hosiery or bodysuit from Spanx . From Beyoncé to Kim Kardashian, and even those who do not seem to need her, like Kristen Stewart, there is not a single celebrity in Hollywood who does not use her. However, that does not mean that wearing a Spanx is always as easy as it seems. Recognize it; surely you remember some other adventure with your faithful friend.

1. Decide which one to buy
Once you have made the decision, you find that there are dozens of types … Which one will you choose? Short, long that covers you up to the knee, it’s just a little pant … Why there must be so many!

2. The size
It is impossible to clarify. What does the S mean at 3X? Why do not you merely qualify them as small, medium and large? But if we are going to buy a Spanx to forget about the size! And of course, in the end, we choose badly …

3. Nude or white?
You look at both, you sigh, and at the end, you take one of each. Typical…

4. It’s time to put it on …
Here we go. First one leg, then another. Ok, now you just have to upload it. But, wait a moment, why did you decide to put on moisturizer right before putting it on? Take a deep breath because you will need time and patience.

5. Fighting with her
Okay, you have managed to put it on, and now it’s time to get used to it. The fight begins. Hopefully, you win.

6. Adjust it
When this moment arrives you already have a red face, you are sweating, and maybe you have made a fibrillar break in your hands. But get ready, now adjust it. Hold your breath.

7. A look in the mirror
The moment of truth arrives, you face the mirror, and you question if this works. Does it make me thinner? Woman of little faith, wait to get dressed and you will see.

8. The Bridget Jones moment
Oh my God! You realize that it works, you’re perfect! Spanx has transformed you.

9. Doubts
You start wondering if it’s enough or you could still look more slender. Should you put another one on your upper body? Quiet, everything in excess is wrong, even a double Spanx.

10. The panic begins
You hear steps behind the door, have you used the latch? You start to panic, because nobody, absolutely nobody can see you like that.

11. You curse yourself for needing it
Suddenly, you blame yourself: Why did not I go to those spinning classes? Why did I eat the second cupcake?

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12. That wonderful feeling
Once you’ve managed to get into that fabulous dress, you realize that Spanx is your best friend. The effort has been worth it.

13. Spanx can save the world
Suddenly, you start to wonder if Spanx could solve more problems. Clear! It’s marvelous.

14. The ‘selfie’ moment
Since you have been able to put it on, you are going to make all the photos of the world showing off your figure. You deserve many likes on Instagram.

15. Are you moving?
Oops, the time has come when the Spanx moves from its place. It slides into a territory that is not at all comfortable. Oh my God…

16. Sit very carefully
A tip, make sure that the Spanx is not longer than your dress because if not, you will not be able to hide it. However, after a couple of drinks you may forget that you are wearing it, so be very careful when sitting or you will discover.

17. When do the compliments arrive?
Hello? You’re fabulous, what’s the matter, has not anyone noticed?

18. Decide that you can take an extra canapé
Because you wear a Spanx, so calories do not count!

19. You spend all day placing it in its place
If they gave you one euro for each time you have to put it on, you would be rich.

20. That new michelín
The Spanx is fantastic, but everything you have left has to go somewhere. Yes, unfortunately, you have formed a new michelín under your chest. This is the never-ending story…

21. Something is not right
After so many hours with her, something does not go well with your internal organs. Are they crushing? Take it off!

22. You want to go to the bathroom …
You have not gone to the bathroom for hours. The Spanx is an excellent workout for your pelvic floor.

23. What if you know someone?
Nothing will happen. Spanx has very sexy designs that continue to shape your body while allowing you to feel attractive. They have evolved a lot!

24. Finally. It’s time to take it off
The best feeling in the world.

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