Bad Sex Habits That Can Ruin Your Marriage – How Not to Get Stuck in a Rut

bad sex habits

Often one of the biggest mistakes when we get married is assuming that our sex life will still be as hot and steaming as it was when we were dating.

But there is only one thing standing the your way of maintaining satisfying sexual relations even years after being married – Breaking your bad sex habits. We all have them, whether we want to admit them or not. Thankfully they can be broken, the key lies in identifying your and your partner’s bad habits before they ruin your sex life permanently.

Whether you are in a long-term or short-term relationship we want to make our partner happy and vice-versa. Studies have shown that men are more vocal than women in explaining what they want and how they want it, but women on the other hand are shyer in that department.

Here are some bad habits that are worth considering before you get hitched.

Avoid talking about sex

The key to intimacy lies in good communication skills. Not sincerely communicating with your partner can take a toll on your sex life. Good communication leads to trust, lack of communication can cause your partner to feel weary and doubtful. Trust is essential in the bedroom for each one to feel comfortable expressing what they want or feel.

Mocking their sexual fantasies

If your partner trusts you enough to share with you their sexual fantasies, take it as a compliment no matter how crazy it sounds. Remember when it comes to sexuality there really is no established norm. Just because they tell you their sexual fantasy doesn’t mean you have run out and do it if you don’t feel comfortable, maybe you can find a comfortable intermediate for both of you. Never make them feel judged or mock them, as it sizzles out your sexual connection instantly.

Over analyzing everything

Ok, so your partner wants a threesome with the same sex as them, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t heterosexual anymore or not attracted to you. A fantasy exactly that a fantasy and there really isn’t an explication. Never pressure your partner to do something they aren’t comfortable with, as that will destroy the intimacy.

Taking things personal

Its easy to take personally if your partner isn’t in the mood too often, instead of feeling downright rejected and bitter, ask them how their day went, or asking what’s wrong. Sometimes showing a little personal interest or being curious can help you discover the root of the problem, maybe a stressful day at work, just tired or even something as simple as feeling gassy.

Getting stuck in a rut

Just cause a certain position has worked in the past doesn’t mean it needs to be your go-to position every time. Sexual tastes change and same-old can get boring. Don’t be shy to try new positions or places to keep your sex life spicy hot.

Forgetting to relax

Intimacy is not a business meeting; it should be fun and not serious. Take time for kissing and cuddling each other, watch porn together to get inspired to try new things. Get each other in the mood with a glass of wine, romantic music and candles.

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