How to find the best shapewear for every outfit – Tips from fashion experts

Have you ever tried to squeeze yourself into a poorly made or cheap quality piece of shapewear, only to be left breathless from having the begezzes squeezed out of you? The right piece or the best shapewear for your outfit doesn’t always mean you need to get an aerobic workout struggling to get into it.

Shapewear nowadays can provide you will more benefits than just additional shaping or contouring but have transformed into must-have foundation pieces for every outfit. But what are the best shapewears for every woman’s closet?

But one women’s opinion as to what works for her might not be the best shapewear for you. But according to the experts, the key to finding and choosing the right shapewear depends entirely on your wardrobe. For example, certain attire requires a specific type of slip, tummy-control shorts, camisoles, tights or bras.

Our team of fashion experts has come up with how to find the best shapewear to wear under your everyday outfits. Here are their thoughts on what foundation pieces you need to add to your wardrobe to step up your style.

You may also be interested in the body positivity movement of a marketplace of shapewears.

Jeans and a Top

Who of us doesn’t love wearing jeans? But jeans often mean that our muffin top will be popping out. Our experts recommend the best shapewear for muffin tops are a shaping camisole and a tummy-tucking thong panty.

Since jeans are made from thicker material, there is no need for firm compression shapewear. Instead opt for light compression, as it will be more comfortable under your jeans, allowing you a greater range of movement. Also the thong panty will ensure that you have zero panty lines peeking out from under your jeans.

Shaping camisoles help to smooth out your bra straps and drapes around your frame, concealing those little lumps and bumps that make you feel insecure. Plus, they give you a little extra coverage to avoid the unwanted glance of the whale tail when you sit or bend over.

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Everyday Dresses

Thanks to leggings we can wear flowing summer dresses almost year round, but there is one common problem with this ultra feminine style – our tummy. No matter how hard we try there is no easy way to make our tummy look flatter.

One of the best shapewear for tummy pooch problems is with a strapless bodysuit as it is ideal under the thin sundress material, giving you both the support and smoothing you need to look your best all day long, even in the heat. If you need a little extra thigh coverage to prevent chafing, look for a style with shorts.

Another style of body wear that will make you feel radiant in your everyday dresses is a seamless mini slip. This is one of the best shapewears for dresses because it can be worn with your own bra and gives you a sleeker, slimmer look.

If you are wearing a dress with a plunging neckline, be sure to look for your secret weapon – the bodysuit with a U-bra. This asset will appear to the world, as if you are wearing nothing under your dress, but you have all the support you need to contour those curves.

Everyday Skirts

No matter what style of skirt, from pencil to bohemian skirts – we love them all. But skirts can be unforgiving; especially of they are a bit on the tighter side, showing off our panty lines, cellulite, muffin top or those distasteful lumps and bumps.

The best shapewears for everyday skirts can be a pair of high-waisted boy shorts with tummy control or control-top leggings for colder weather. Tights are actually one of the best body shapers available and look great under skirts. They don’t only just keep you toasty warm in the winter months but smooth and shape your whole lower body for a classic look.

High-waisted boy shorts are the best shaper for tummy control, which is especially important when you are wearing that tight pencil skirt and just devoured an entire bagel.

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