Body Workout Routine to Tone the Body

The exercises that are to tone the body, have the particularity of improving the tone of the muscles without being marked too much. However, if you also want to lose weight, you have to add a little cardio to this routine. Walk for 30 minutes for day three to five days a week paired with the following exercise routine and a healthy diet can get your body in shape in no time.

training plan

System to Tone the Body

Using this system to tone the body for six months can lose 44 pounds in total, in addition to getting a more toned and attractive body. If you are looking to tone your muscles, then this workout routine is all you need. Disclaimer: To get the best results, start small. This toning routine is aimed at beginners, but as your body begins to take shape, you can increase your repetitions to create intermediate or advanced training.

Remember that you should not force yourself too much and always consult your doctor before starting any new exercise plan, especially if you suffer from weight-related health problems.

Training Routine

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday perform Abdominals, sit-ups, bicycle push-ups, side crunches, abdominal crunches, knee pushups, alternating heels, scissor kicks, biceps curls, overhead triceps extensions, chest extensions.

Tuesday and Thursday: Chest, back and glutes. Lifting of straight legs, thrusts, sumo squats and lunges.

Preparation for training: Allow approximately 15 to 20 minutes each day for your training. The routine will get you faster as you get used to performing the exercises, but you may need as much as 30 minutes a day for the first week or two. You can also add to the routine of walking, running or cycling. If you do not do any activity for a long time, it is advisable to start by walking or cycling. Over time you can start running small distances, until you increase the amount of distance over time. You have to be patient, with time everything can be achieved. You may be frustrated at first by not being able to achieve the goals you set, but you will see that in time you will achieve.

Be sure to wear very tight and comfortable clothing, if possible. You do not need any special equipment for this training, but the 3 lb weights will be very useful. If you do not have access to the weights, however, you can use soup cans, glass jars full of grains, heavy books or any other household item weighing about the same amount. You will also need a mat or towel to place on the floor if your exercise area is not carpeted. Also, remember to keep a bottle of water in your hand. Drink water before, during and after your workout to keep your body hydrated properly.

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