Do These 11 Wedding Traditions Still Have a Place in 2019?

wedding Traditions


Even weddings have evolved, there are still some traditions lingering around. Some traditions can be broken but others still hold some sentimentally value such as the wedding bouquet. More and more wedding planners are trying to help brides and grooms to make their own rules while planning their wedding.

Here are some popular traditions that you can decide to keep or ditch:

Cutting the cake

Most couples avoid the traditional cake cutting ceremony, as more and more couples are opting for a cupcake display or even a more original donut cake. Other couples prefer to make the cake cutter moment more intimate by cutting it alone with the photographer. Letting someone else cut the cake after and serve it to the guests.

Giving away the bride

Most fathers proudly look forward to the moment to walk their daughters down the aisle to give her away. Many couples consider this tradition to be sexist and old-fashioned. Plus, many brides don’t have a good relationship with their father so it can be hypocritical and stressful for the bride. Why not walk down the aisle with your husband-to-be?

Calling of Man and Wife

This tradition stems back to the belief that a wedding ceremony makes the wife the property of the man, like honestly why don’t they say Husband and Wife. Why not ask the marriage officiant to give verbiage that will reflect your ideals as a couple and not what is expected of you.

The bride’s family pays

Thankfully, this tradition is shifting as to where the financial responsibility lies. Many couples want to follow their own rules, invite whom they want to, etc. So they are breaking free from the financial family aid so they can have the wedding of their dreams and not that of their parents.

Paper invitation

We are living in the age of technology and paper invitation is something of the past. Many couples are trying to cut costs and the expensive paper invitation with beautiful calligraphy, ribbons and postage might add a touch of elegance but it will ultimately end up in the trash. Be sure to check out some of the online wedding invitation services to invite your guests.

Color schemes

In the past weddings looked so tacky because they are trying to match the same color tone in too many different aspects such as the bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, table clothes, etc. Nowadays there is no dominate color but a variety of colors mixed together for a more vibrant and natural vibe.

The white wedding dress

The white wedding dress was worn traditionally to represent virginity and pureness. If someone would wear another color it was considered to be the scandal of the decade. But nowadays we can show our personality on your special day, if you want to wear a bright red dress nobody will judge you. Color is no longer off limits for your wedding dress.

The bouquet toss

In the past the bouquet or even the garter toss have been an essential part of the wedding repertoire, but making your single friends fight over who will be married next is so outdated. Plus, it is considered to be a little bit of a cliche and nobody wants to participate in them anywhere.

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