Don’t let Bad Grammar Stand in the Way of Finding True Love

Online dating has changed the world’s dating platform. First impressions are typed out on a cold screen instead of allowing natural chemistry to play out. But according to Zoosk, a dating service, they have discovered the biggest online dating deal breaker, and it is – bad grammar.

Zoosk conducted a study including more than 9,000 people, 72% online daters stated that spelling errors are a complete turn-off and 48% consider bad grammar a deal breaker.

Misspelling a simple “Hey, what’s up?” message can be putting your love life on standby, indicating that you just don’t care and are lazy. Come on, guys that’s a pretty bad first impression. It’s basically like walking up to a girl at the coffee shop and, having something green stuck in your teeth. Bad grammar is that bad! It’s a complete turn-off.

The survey mentioned above showed that 93% of online daters said that a simple period at the end of all of the sentences gives them a better impression of their potential match. You want to attract not detract your potential match from your profile or messages, so take the time to proofread.

Another study performed by showed that grammar was more important than having a good smile. Women use good grammar often as an indicator of compatibility, of your intelligence and social status.

Conversation Nation, a dating website did another survey, involving 2,000 single young adults, about what turns them on or off while chatting. Here are the results: 83% stated that good conversation online is the best indicator for good chemistry for a F2F (face-to-face) date.

But those messages can turn into big turn offs if you make the following mistakes.

the importance of a good Grammar

Put your Grammar Skills to the Test

Ready to put yourself to the test and see if you can impress even the most linguistically savvy lady? Check out four of the most common grammar mistakes found on online dating sites and see how you score.

1.Subject-Verb Errors

The two best things about the party was the food and the music.
The two best things about the party were the food and the music.

Correct: The two best things about the party were the food and the music.

The subject and the verb must agree with each other in a sentence, such as if they are singular or plural.

2. Missing comma or period

In case you haven’t noticed my name is not on the list
In case you haven’t noticed, my name is not on the list.

Correct: In case you haven’t noticed, my name is not on the list

The comma should be used after an introductory word, clause or phrase. A period terminates the sentence.

3. Wrong word usage

She expected his gift.
She accepted his gift.

Correct: She accepted his gift.

This is one of the biggest mistakes observed, by women everywhere. English has a variety of words and phrases that can commonly be confused or misused in sentences. Misusing a word shows carelessness on your part.

Another example of incorrect word usage is misusing: their, there and they’re.

4. Misusing the Apostrophe with the word “its”

Can you believe its finally Friday?
Can you believe it’s (it is) finally Friday?

Correct: Can you believe it’s finally Friday?

Only use an apostrophe with it’s when the word means it is or it has and its means belonging to when written without the apostrophe. This common mistake is an eyesore for any intellectual lady.

There are many other mistakes you can make while texting online, such as taking too long to respond and by using explicit emojis.

If that girl you have been chatting with recently is suddenly ghosting you, maybe it is time to step up your grammar and send her the right message – that you’re interested!

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