Drag Queen William Just Launched A Cosmetic Line For Every Gender

Drag Queen William makeup

The drag queen, William got cheeky by calling his new beauty line “Cover Boy,” which makes cosmetic products that is designed for any gender.

William Belli, internationally renown drag queen, got his rise to fame when he stole the spotlight on the runway on the series RuPaul’s Drag Race. From his early beginnings, he claimed that one day, he would create a beauty line that is for any gender.

Cover Boy has been labeled a gender creative beauty collection and was launched the first weekend of September at RuPaul’s DragCon in New York City. The cosmetic line contains a wide variety of fake lashes, glitter, lipsticks and everything that glitters. But William refused to release a palette of colors, as William believes that is the last thing any drag queen needs.

What does the collection actually offer us? First off and most importantly, a must have for every drag queen: a triple layer fake eyelash set and another feathered set for those more glamorous moments. Cover Boy also offers five unique lip varnishes in tones such as red, truffle, Steely Tran and Puss and glitter for the cheeks, eyes and lips in signature shades of goldie, gem, Roller Rink and Blue Balls.

Even though William has been dreaming of creating his own beauty line for years, it only began to take shape after an unplanned conversation with influencers who worked for Ready Go Ventures. They had helped other evolving entrepreneurs launch their products to be sold in Sephora or Ultra. William said his product was better than anything on the market, as it stayed on, no matter what he was doing.

William said drag queens need makeup that stays perfect, not for hours, but for more than an entire day. As drag queens are performers and can’t always get off the stage to touch up their makeup, they needed makeup with a much longer lifespan. Most drag queens don’t have time or the energy to reapply their makeup, nevertheless carry around a makeup bag with them. William created a makeup brand that will stay put until you want to remove it.

William states that he grew up in a world where even the word “drag queen” was considered to be taboo. Men purchasing makeup at the local drug store were frowned upon and many drag queens back in the day would steal their makeup products to avoid the scornful look of the clerk. But, thankfully times have changed and more and more, drag queens are launching their own makeup brands, some with major cosmetic brands.

William plans on expanding on his collection in the future but right now it contains everything any drag queen needs to look like the diva: A lipstick, fake lashes and loads of glitter. William believes glitter is any drag queen’s BFF, as it can be applied just about anywhere that you need a little extra shine power.

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