Emma Watson Considers Herself to be Self-Partnered and is Happier Than Ever!

Emma Watson

Next year in April, Emma Watson will turn 30 and she is beginning to feel the pressure of being single. In a recent interview with British Vogue, Emma Watson spoke out about how she has learned to feel happy about being single. Actually, she doesn’t like the word single and she considers herself to be “self-partnered.”

We live in the same world as Emma, surrounded by stigmatism that women should be happily married by the age of thirty, with children and financial stability. Interestingly enough, men are expected to expand their wings and should settle down by the time they are in the forties.

Watson said when she turned 29, she didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about turning 30. But now that she will be turning 30 soon, she is starting to feel the pressure. There is just so much anxiety surrounding the big three-o. She admits that she is still figuring things out, needless to say, ready to settle down.

But after some serious self-reflection, Watson says she has found her happy place. She never was convinced of the whole speech about how happy she is single, etc. But after meditating on it, she can honestly say that she is happy being single or as she prefers to call it “self-partnered.”

But does that mean she is off dating? No, she loves dating and getting to know new people. Watson often goes out on dates, even blind dates with guys her friends picked out for her. But you won’t find her on Tinder or any other type of dating app available. Watson doesn’t like any type of dating apps.

Since Emma Watson went to university, she has a wider range of friends than other celebrities. She is well versed in all subjects and done other things besides movies, so her friends have fun setting her up with her potential Prince Charming.

We are pretty sure that Watson wasn’t planning to create a single positivity movement when she declared herself “self-partnered.” But more and more people worldwide are casting off the old-fashioned stigmas and embracing being single and having a happy life alone.

Watson isn’t the only celebrity embracing their single status, as Selena Gomez recently released two single-positive singles such as “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now.” Both songs highlight how happy she is since she broke up with Justin Bieber. Ariana Grande also stated that she has never been happier since breaking up with Pete Davidson. The singer, Lizzo also sings about never ever being that girl with a ring on her finger.

Just look at Jennifer Aniston. For years, she was single, but she wasn’t feeling sorry for herself. She showed us her brilliance on cover after cover of fashion magazines. Thanks to these brave women, they are showing us that we don’t need to apologize for being single. All that matters, is that we are happy!

So, when my mom asks me when I’ll get married, I’ll just tell her I’m happy being self-partnered.

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