Everything You Need to Know About Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper

irina shayk and bradley cooper divorce

Source: MarieClaire

Since it began this year, many rumors have revolved around model Irina Shayk’s partner and actor Bradley Cooper. At first it was rumored that they were both taking a little distance for work reasons, but days later, confirmed their separation by a source close to the marriage, through People magazine.

Rumors echoed that the reason for their separation was that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga had begun a relationship through their joint work on the Oscar-nominated film, Shallow. In fact, most of us may remember the presentation they both made at The Oscars. Those glances between the two led us to believe that this rumor was true, however today that rumor was discarded.

According to reliable sources, the couple decided to end their 4-year relationship in order to focus on their careers separately. Moreover it is known that they maintain a good relationship between them because of their daughter, for whom they now have a dispute because both want to have custody of the girl.

We’ll see how this story between them follows.

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