Fashion Essentials That You Need in Your Closet – According to Your Favorite Celebrities

fashion trends according to celebrities

Celebrities are known for their shocking, daring and stunning styles on and off the red carpet. Some stars have worn a certain styles so often that they have almost have created their own brand of the item, as is the case with Kim Kardashian and her new shapewear collection called SKIMS.

Celebrities are constantly being photographed, which helps us shape out our closets or our next little ensemble for date night. Plus they directly influence what fashion trends stay and which trends are quickly forgotten about. But wouldn’t you love to know what some of your favorite celebrities consider being their fashion essentials and a must-have for every girl’s closet?

We have complied some items that your all-time favorite actresses and models consider to be a must have for any girls closet and why they you need them!

Mandy Moore

Mandy admits that she is a sucker for any thing with a pattern or a design. Her closet is full of ensembles with African leopard prints to pretty little polka dots. Plus she loves her accessories to be patterned to so she can mix and match designs for a more updated look.

Maya Erskine

Maya stole our hearts in the series “Man Seeking Woman” and the recent movie “Wine Country.” She is known for her feminine but quirky vintage style but her wardrobe essential without a doubt is a soft cashmere sweater or cardigan.

Joan Smalls

The Puerto Rican supermodel says she has always been a tomboy at heart and is love with all types of combat boots, especially early nineties Doc Marten’s. When she is off set she wears combat boots with jeans, skirts, trousers or just about anything.

Barbie Ferreira

Barbie Ferreira is best known for her recent role in the HBO series called Euphoria and she is in love last season’s biggest fashion trend – Bike shorts. She says she doesn’t step out of the house without wearing them, either under her clothes to prevent her legs from rubbing together or as the main focal point of her ensemble.

Sydney Sweeny

Sydney Sweeny prefers a more chilled, relaxed vibe when she is dressing for everyday events such as meeting friends for lunch or shopping at Whole Foods. She loves wearing oversized sweatshirts worn with a pair of leggings and high tops, preferably her white Nike Air Force Ones.

Rowan Blanchard

Blanchard loves creating her own personal style by wearing different types of hosiery styles such as plaid, unique colors or different patterns. It is added plus if she wears them with a short skirt or dress to show off the thigh-high garter top with lace edging.

Angelica Ross

Ross is all about advocating for human rights and inclusivity. So for obvious reasons her must have closet essential is her statement T-shirt, a sit gives her the chance to send a positive message out into the world. She adores her T-shirt that says: Phenomenally Black.

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