Top 9 hairstyles for spring and summer

Spring is all about new beginnings – out with the old and in with the new. It might seem a little cliché to lighten your hair for summer, as you can go blonde anytime of the year. But the warmer weather gives us a perfect excuse to for a lighter, more youthful look.

Even if you are not looking to adopt the blonde fashion trend this year, there are plenty of other hair trends that we expect to see everywhere. So, if you fancy a new hairstyle or look, here is everything you need to know for this year’s spring and summer’s hottest hairstyles.

1. Effortless bangs

Bangs are a major game changer, as it can transform your whole look. Plus you can keep your longer hair and still look stylish. Avoid shorter bangs; instead opt for longer bangs that are layered down to frame your face. Longer bangs are extremely low maintenance because you can just brush them to the side or sweep them forward.

Effortless bangs

2. Textured crops

Kate Hudson shows us that any woman can pull off this choppy cropped cut. If you are looking for a short haircut that is oozing with sex appeal, then look no further. Plus, it offers you a wide variety of styles, as you can texture it or slick it up.

textured crops

3. The cool girl’s bob

Love the low maintenance of a bob but fear looking like your mom? This reinvented bob has a punk-rocker vibe to it by keeping the texture “undone”. If you already have a bob, just avoid flat ironing out the ends and give a more relaxed unfinished look.

The cool girl's bob

4. The 60’s inspired bang

If you have been watching some of this year’s fashion shows, you know that vintage is ruling the fashion industry this summer. These long textured vintage inspired bangs have been making a comeback year after year as it is easy to style and flattering for all face shapes.

The 60's inspired bang

5. Mile-high ponytail

Another retro hairstyle that is trendy this year is the high ponytail. But the look isn’t complete without a more-than visible scrunchie. Bella Hadid shows us that the high ponytail is even red carpet suitable.


6. A messy bun

One of the biggest trends we are seeing for this summer is the messy bun. Megan Markle wore this classic, relaxed look to Wimbledon recently and it has become very popular. The messy bun looks great on all face shapes and it is ideal for cooling off your neck during the hotter summer months.

messy bun

7. Under wraps

Wrapping your hair in a scarf is one of the hottest trends this summer, maybe because it is flattering, easy and super convenient. There are no rules to style your scarf – you can go vintage, bold or patterned. Just fold the scarf into a 3cm band and tie around the perimeter of your hairline as you desire.

Under wraps

8. The 70’s shaggy haircut

If you want to know what is the “it” hairstyle for this summer, then this is it. You can wear it long or have it hit right at your collarbone whatever is your fancy. The layers give you a whimsical effortless look.

The 70's shaggy haircut

9. Long hair

Long hair looks best without a fringe, but the key is not the styling but keeping up a good maintenance program at home. Long hair gets more abuse than long hair, so it needs more attention to look healthy.

Long hair

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