Hosiery Styles That You Can’t Miss This Season


Are you ready to warm up? Have you been feeling a little chilly about the barelegged trend, which has been dominating the fashion industry for the last decade or so? If so, prepare to stock up – on stockings!

Hosiery is making a HUGE comeback this fall. Expect to see some classic looks such as sheer black or nude-toned hose. But also be prepared to take a bolder look with one of the many brightly colored, funky embellishments and of course the perennial fishnet styles.

Will you try this year’s trend of wearing your stockings with your high tops or layering them with socks and finishing off the look with a pair of heels? 2018 is all about being bold and getting away from our comfort zones.

Here are some of the top pantyhose styles that can’t be overlooked this year.

Printed stockings
Most likely this year’s biggest look is, wild animal prints in purple, yellow or pink tones. Be bold by matching your entire outfit to your leopard print tights, including your shoes.

Fishnet Tights
This style has gotten a facelift with quirky new designs that inject a splash of personality into even the most boring ensemble.

Lace Tights
Embrace lace! This is a great way to add a little extra texture to your style, plus giving you some extra attitude that a bare leg couldn’t do.

White is a new classic
Even though sheer black will always be a classic, white can be just as chic and stylish and way more unique. Another advantage of wearing this look is that they really make your colored shoes pop.

Colored Tights
Brighten up your classic wardrobe pieces, such a red stocking with a beige pencil skirt. Just look over your wardrobe and decide which color will elevate your style this fall.

Crystal embellishments
Make your legs sparkle with some crystal embellishments. This is an excellent way to wear fishnet stockings but without the connotations of grunge.

Layer them up with socks
We love this bolder trend by layering them with a pair of socks and heels. If you really are a fashion diva, try wearing them with heeled sandals for this years newest style.

Innovative Hosiery upgrades that you will love

Are you amazed about these exciting new trends? Well, there is more to get excited about. Here are some of the most innovating changes that are coming to the hosiery department.

Does very thought of wearing a pair of sheer tights without the uncomfortable waistband that cuts into your gut sounds like pure bliss? Then look for waistband-free stockings that come with a sandal toe, tear resist fabric and a soft cotton gusset.

Adjustable waistband
What can be more frustrating than running into the lingerie department to pick up some stockings, only to find out that they are out of your size? Finally, panty hose with an adjustable waistband- just make a few cuts here and there, and voila, and you are ready to go.

This is one of the stocking industries’ biggest innovations in years – completely seam-less hosiery that does not tear or run. Have a smooth, streamlined look with no visible stocking lines peeking though your clothes and also in utter comfort.

Opaque tights for women are often made from microfibers but Nano yarn creates the softest and silkiest textile for your legs.

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