How to Improve Blood Circulation

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Be aware of this important health advice that has to do with blood circulation, as it can have very important consequences on your health.

Healthy habits such as not wearing tight clothing or high heels, avoiding smoking and salt intake because it retains fluid are the best ways to prevent poor circulation in your legs.

Along with them, moderate exercise is also highly effective: walking half an hour a day, climbing stairs, swimming or cycling. The benefits of these practices will be felt immediately because they enhance and keep the natural blood flow always active.

Also, keep in mind that contact with water at 50° C causes dilation of pores and blood vessels, considerably improving blood flow, and lowering blood pressure in the body. On the other hand, if the water is cold, it causes the opposite effect, a vasoconstriction that increases the blood pressure and as a whole favours the functioning of the circulatory system.

At home, apply the last shower jet of the shower with cold water in an upward direction, thus activating your circulation every day. A good massage acts on the veins producing a squeezing and emptying action of the venous walls. The mechanical effect and gravity itself promote blood flow.

Depending on the intensity, it will have consequences, both at the level of the superficial and deep veins. It is very important to perform the manipulations following the direction of the venous vessels, that is, directed to the heart. But it should always be the doctor who says when it is indicated.

You’ve known in you look great, how to improve blood circulation.

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