How to Keep in Shape During Summertime

Keeping yourself mentally sticking to your workout routine throughout the year is no easy task. It requires self-sacrifice and effort to form that six-pack for summer’s arrivals. Maybe you one of those that have been training at the gym for a longtime or maybe you have been lazy and at the last minute, are trying to get in shape for summer. But now has come the moment that all of your discipline and effort can be thrown out the window as vacations arrive. That time period where, we often relax and allow everything.

This leisure period can be a drastic moment as we loose all of the physical progress we have made. That is why the following suggestions will be handy during the weeks ahead, so you will still be in shape when you go back to your regular training program.

We aren’t talking about crazily training in the hot sun and even on your precious days off. But we are talking about simple ways to keep in shape without destroying the progress you have made up to today.

fitness advices for summer

If There is NO Gym

If you think the lack of easy access to the gym is the perfect reason to cop out of working out, you are wrong. Daily, I listen to people complaining that they can’t workout because they have no easy access to their gym. But walking, doing exercise that use our own body weight and choosing carefully what we eat are all excellent ways of staying in shape. Anonther great way to keep your body in shape is the Ab Stimulator

What is the best solution if we don’t have a space to workout in during summer months? Logically, summertime means new routines, and a more relaxed outlook on life than the rest of the year. Also, a switch up in our workout will help to clear our mind.

During your summer vacations, it is recommended to do exercises that use resistance by using body weight to work out the majority of our muscles. We have at our disposal “machines” such as stairs, hiking trails, climbing tress and benches that add a little extra spice to our workout. Waist Trainers can also help burn some extra fat during exercise.

Also you could choose doing sports such as surfing or anything else that would be considered to be exercise. Switching up how we train is beneficial for our muscles.

What About The Diet?

Now, comes a very controversial subject. It has taken you all year of intense training, pushing yourself and carefully watching what you eat in order to eat only clean foods (nothing fried, oily, soda-pop drinks, sugar, alcohol…) Does that mean you can’t even relax a bit on your diet during your holidays? Not really, it is fine to have a glass of wine, but the key is not to exceed in sweetened cocktails. Choose lower calorie alcoholic drinks. It is important that you enjoy your vacations. A valuable suggestion is not to drink your calories (smoothies, alcoholic drinks or sweetened beverages), keeping a higher intake of protein, so you will not feel hungry all the time.

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