101 Fashion Guide – How to look fashionable 24/7

Fashion editors and stylists all agree that it is the little details that make a look or ruin a look. A tastefully sheer outfit can be a sloppily cuffed pantsuit or a poor-fitting blazer or maybe a dress that reveals a little bit too much.

Stylists and fashion editors might be able to spot these flaws instantly, but to the common eye it isn’t so obvious. If you have every asked yourself: How can I tell if my jeans actually flatter my body? What type of shoes should I wear to accentuate my best assets? If you want answers to some of fashion’s most difficult questions, then keep reading.

Be mysterious

The key in being sexy is in the know-how of how much skin-to-bare and how much not-to-bare. Showing too much skin eliminates the mystery, so you need to show your skin strategically. Angelina Jolie’s main stylist, Jen Rade suggests only showing off one body part. If you are showing off your cleavage, then keep your legs covered.

fashion and mysterious

The classic white button down

Marilyn Monroe gave us a lesson on how to look classy. All you need is a simple white button-down blouse, wearing it with a simple pair of jeans or with a fluffy ball skirt. Just avoid over bleaching, as it can turn your crisp white shirt into a dirty yellow color.

fashion classic

Accessorize with a splash of color

Keep colors as an accessory to avoid looking like you were just hired to work at a circus. Try wearing neutral colors and then add a pop of energy with a bright red satchel or if you are feeling a bit braver, then wear a different colored pair of shoes with a complementary colored purse.

fashion accessories

Don’t forgot that scarf

A simple scarf is every woman’s ultimate accessory and if you check out this year’s list of best-dressed women, you will notice that they are all wearing a scarf. Be sure to always stash one into your purse to quickly transform your simple look into a more sophisticated up-do.

simple fashion look

Consider the wear and tear of the garment

You are in love with a delicate sheer silk skirt with sequins, but before you pay for it, consider how it will look after a few washings. Most delicate fabrics will look fashionable the first one or two washings but after that, it will look old and worn out. The key to looking fashionable is being able to keep our clothes in tiptop shape.

silk skirt with sequins

Embrace your curves

Learn what type of silhouette your body has and start looking for trends that flatter your body type. Once you start dressing in a way that works with your body, you will look flawlessly fashionable and feel a hundred times more confident.

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curves more confident

Get a smaller size jean

Nothing looks worse than a poor fitting pair of jeans. Remember that your jeans tend to stretch as you wear them throughout the day, becoming baggy and loose fitting. Nothing looks less put together than a baggy derriere. Avoid this by buying a jean size one size smaller.

fashion size jean

Pay extra for quality

Higher end brands tend to make more classic designs, so you can get more than one season from the garment. Plus, they are sewn with care and often have premium quality lining, which guarantees it will last longer. Another advantage is top designer base their styles on a regular fit model, so the fit is more natural.

classic designs dress

When in doubt…

When in doubt, wear nude heels that match your skin tone. They will look classy with any color ensemble you are wearing and the best part is they will make your legs look slimmer and longer.

look limmer and longer

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