Is shapewear squishing itself into your closet and lifestyle?

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We don’t know if you noticed, but our undergarment drawer has been getting a makeover the last few years into something magical. Those simple cotton briefs have been replaced with that butt-boosting brief and your basic bra has been tossed out eons ago after you tried out your first push-up bra.

Shapewear is the new generation of lingerie and undergarments. Nowadays it is being made from innovative fabrics that feel as comfortable as going all-commando but with loads of smoothing support. Basically you can find shapewear technology in all types of undergarments from hosiery, leggings, briefs, corsets and so much more.

In the past, our grandma’s odd-looking shapewear contraptions looked more like something we’d see in a horror film and not in our closets. Who would even want to wear them? They literally didn’t represent feminism, more like they were promoting body shaming.

But shapewear went where nobody thought was possible, they recreated their entire image within a few years, becoming part of the huge body positive movement that is changing the way women everywhere view their bodies.

Celebrities have had a huge play in giving shapewear a much-needed facelift, by owning up to the truth that they wear shapewear on and off the red carpet. Plus, shapewear marketplaces such as Shapermint show videos of real women squeezing themselves into a more confident version of themselves. Also, Kim Kardashian just released her very own totally inclusive collection of shapewear called SKIMS.

According to a recent article in the New York Times, the shapewear market was valued at more than $500 million dollars and is expected to double within the next ten years. But why is shapewear suddenly so popular?

Body shaping undergarment brands and companies have reached beyond the so-called average women and touched the inner soul of women. They have started using advertisements and commercials with the ethnic-minority and plus-size models. Also, they have extended their sizes and a wider range of skin tone colors to make their collections totally inclusive.

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Also, shapewear brands such as Heist Studios, Shapermint and Honeylove have created a huge social media presence that attracts the millennial crowd. Shapewear is something women will always need for those off-days, or when you feel bloated or after pregnancy or any life-changing event in our life that disrupts our self-esteem. Shapewear is like that best friend who is always there to console us and makes us feel like we can take on the world again and win!

Honeylove is attempting to change the name of shapewear to sculptwear, as their collection is designed to sculpt your body without feeling restrictive. Professional dancers exclusively test out all of their designs, ensuring that everything stays actually where it should, while busting a move on the dance floor.

On the other hand, Shapermint is more of an online marketplace that provides customers a wide variety of top shapewear brands. But they took their company one step further than just selling shapewear; they created an online community of women who empower each other. They use social media to show videos of real women stepping into shapewear and how it transformed their entire look.

Shapewear isn’t anti-feminism, as it isn’t trying to create the ideal body, but it just helps women feel more comfortable and confident to wear the clothes they like and want to wear. Maybe that is the real reason for its splurge of popularity during the last few years. Whatever the reason, we have to admit that we adore our tummy tucking, thigh-slimming and booty lifting boy shorts!

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