Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Solutionwear Campaign Has A Huge Photoshop Fail

skims solutionwear by kim kardashian west

The Kardashians are not strangers to being called out for cultural appropriation, bad editing and now Kim Kardashian is being called out for a major Photoshop fail.

The famous reality star barely was able to reinvent her shapewear line after the whole Kimono name fiasco. Finally, she was able to choose a more politically correct name for her shapewear line that is a play on her name – SKIMS Shapewear. The fans and critics both admit the name is flawless but…

The problem lies with the poorly edited picture Kim Kardashian used in her new shapewear campaign that introduced the name of her very own shapewear line. But before we get into details, we have to give two thumbs to Kim Kardashian for changing her company’s name from Kimono to Skims Solutionwear and by creating the most size inclusive shapewear collection.

But this is the picture in question; can you spot the huge Photoshop fail? Look close, trust us, you will see it.

If you look directly behind Kim to the model with curly hair, you can see that her thighs are out of proportion, not lining up with her lower leg. Plus, the shadowing is off, unless Kim Kardashian is a ghost, to explain the lack of shadow from her silhouette.

Fans are disappointed as it looks like Kim Kardashian was photo shopped into the actual picture and wasn’t present when the actual picture was taken. This would be making a statement that she considers herself to be better than these everyday women. So not cool. Kim.

We give three cheers to Kim for choosing a diverse group of beautiful women to show off her shapewear collection, showing some of the different styles and tonal colors. Yet, another “but” appears.

Where are all their flaws? All of these ladies are absolutely flawless! There are no signs of cellulite, stretch marks, scars, blemishes, nothing at all. Skims’s is supposedly about embracing inclusivity and diversity. Airbrushing away these women’s flaws sends the wrong message.

This isn’t the first Photoshop failure in the Kardashian history and most likely, not the last, in their future. For example, last year, the Kardashians and Jenner girls shared their annual Christmas card with us on Instragram.

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At first glance, it looks like a happy family, but then you take a closer look. Check Khloe’s feet, they look like they were flipped around and then pasted onto Kylie’s feet or vice versa. They literally have the same feet in the picture, just on different legs.

Then, check out Kim Kardashian. Her legs are totally out of proportion with her upper half, appearing to belong to an entire other body. And the top part of Kim’s body looks like it was photo shopped into the picture.

But getting back to Kim Kardashian’s new shapewear line, despite all of the bad press surrounding the collection, we have to admit that we are pretty excited about it. Skims really will be inclusive by providing the entire 9 skin tonal colors and the promise of more tones to be released in the future.

Plus, it will offer all of your favorite shapewear essentials and more, such as bras, leggings, waist trainers, boy shorts, thongs and briefs. All of Kim’s sisters have already modeled for Skims.  This Solutionwear shapewear will launch online, on the 10th of this September. So, get ready to get your Skims by Kim Kardashian on!

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