Lady Gaga’s New Beauty Line is Out!!

lady gaga beauty line

Source: InStyle

The day has come!

If you didn’t know it yet, this is an excellent time to find out that Lady Gaga’s makeup line will be available for purchase from TODAY! on Amazon!

Lady Gaga’s HAUS LABORATORIES are finally available for your advance order at Amazon. Coinciding with the retailer’s sales event, Prime Day, the release of HAUS is only available to Prime members.

The maximalist makeup line is all we expect and love from the disc diva of our generation. It includes six themed collections, each with a RIP lip liner, Le Riot lip gloss and full color Glam Attack.

The only drawback is that the product won’t be available until September. By placing an order in advance, we guarantee that you will be one of the first people to test the line when it is finally shipped.

Buy HAUS collections for $49 and limited edition duets starting at $26 at

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