Let’s Talk About Toy Story 4!

toy story 4

Many of us have literally grown up with this beautiful Toy Stoy story that, rather than being one of the best franchises in the world, brings us nostalgia and evokes memories of our childhood.

The recent release of Toy Story 4 has been critically acclaimed and viewers seem to love the new movie where we see more of Woody and Buzz’s adventures.

A columnist from the news portal Refinery29 tells us:

“While Toy Story 4 won’t ever outrank the original film, it earns its spot in the pantheon of Woody and Buzz’s many adventures. For the fourth outing from a group of cartoon characters who’ve been at it since 1995, it’s a pretty decent ride.

And by the time Woody finds his way and the credits roll, you’ll either be reaching for the nearest tissue or scrambling for your phone to give your parents — who might understand a thing or two about what Woody’s going through — a call.”.

Definitely a must watch.

Source: refinery29.com

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