Melissa Benoist Opens up About How She a Was Victim of Domestic Violence and How She Survived

The main star of the recent movie Supergirl, Melissa Benoist, just shared a personal and tear-jerking video about how she was a victim of domestic violence. She goes into great depth, explaining how she was in a relationship with her ex-partner who abused her.

She stated that she identifies herself as a survivor of intimate partner violence or IPV in the video. For privacy issues, she doesn’t share the name of her abuser, but that didn’t prevent her from delving deep into her past and how their relationship went from a state of blissful happiness to a never-ending nightmare.

She tells about when her ex-partner started to monitor who she spoke to and even started telling her what to wear. No red flags popped up warning her that this was aggressive behavior. Within a short period of time, he prevented her from accepting certain roles in films because he considered that she was being too flirtatious or romantic with other actors.

Even though there were some serious warning signs, she never considered his behavior to be incorrect and she was more concerned about how she was disappointing her partner. But she said that his destructive behavior led to violent actions such as included emotional, verbal, mental, physical and psychological abuse.

Benoist, who is 30 years old at the moment, mentioned in her video that her abuser was younger than her. Fans have already ruled out her present husband, the actor Chris Wood as he is a year older than she is. Also, in the past, she had a serious relationship with the 37-year old, renowned photographer, Nick Vorderman. Fans are assuming that her unnamed abuser could be her ex-husband, the actor Blake Jenner, as he is two years younger than Benoist, but he hasn’t made a public statement at the moment.

Benoist stated in her video how her abuser’s attacks would escalate, becoming more and more violent in nature. He would often feel remorse after hurting her and want to observe her injuries in the bathtub. She placed a warning on her video because it contains graphic descriptions of how he would physically abuse her.

Melissa Benoist

She regrets that she became violent, too in this relationship, in order to defend herself. She said, “Rage is contagious.” She became depressed and embarrassed of her lot in life and started to push away her friends and family. She even became unreliable at work because she would lie at home in bed, depressed. Benoist admits that she knew she didn’t deserve to be treated this way, but she didn’t have the strength to break free.

One time, her abuser became so enraged with her that he threw his iPhone in her face, which broke her nose and damaged the iris of her eye. That is when she woke up and realized that she had to get away from him before he did something worse. Since she had isolated herself from everyone who loved her, she had to struggle alone to get away from her abusive relationship.

She describes how she took a series of careful steps to get away from this aggressive relationship. Benoist said her video is to make the general public more aware that intimate partner violence is an actual problem and it is one of the most underreported crimes in North America, with one in every four women suffering in physical violence in silence.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, you are not alone. Please call now the National Domestic Violence 24-hour helpline: 0-808-2000-247

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