Millie Bobby Brown’s Beauty Line Launches This Month

Millie Bobby Brown’s Beauty Line

In case you aren’t a Netflix fan or don’t have a teenager in your family who is a fan of her, here is a quick breakdown of who Millie Bobby Brown is.

15 year-old English actress and model Millie Bobby Brown is known for her role as ‘Eleven’ in the Netflix hit show, Stranger Things, a science fiction horror series. Her character is a mixed up teen with psychokinetic abilities. Season 3 is still going strong. This young aspiring actress so far has earned two Emmy nominations.

She has been busy with other films, Godzilla vs. Kong and Enola Holmes. Another project that has kept her busy is a script ’A Time Lost’, which she and her sister, Paige wrote together and plan to produce and act in together.

Millie Bobby Brown is also the youngest goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.
This is quite the profile for one so young.

But, wait—there’s more and that is the announcement she made this month

Millie Bobby Brown announced and launched her own collection of beauty and skincare products. Secretly, she has spent two years developing it. She has chosen the name, Florence By Mills, named as a special nod to her great grandmother.

And if that isn’t enough of a nice touch, she also has set up the Olivia Hope Foundation. It is in honour of her friend who died from Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. A portion of the sales will go to this charity.

The target group for her makeup and skincare products are the Generation Z market. How smart is that? With over 29 million Instagram followers, Millie Bobby Brown is guaranteed to have a successful launching of her Florence By Mills collection.

Already, her fans are going crazy and the majority of the collection is already out of stock on the brand website. September 10 was the big day for the launch on then on September 25 these products will be actually in over 600 Boots stores.

It promises to fill the gap for the teen generation with a new and fresh take on skincare products.

Another positive note is that Millie insists on using only PETA-certified ingredients. They must be certified as being cruelty-free and use only products that are certified as genuine vegan. Great move and positive! She stresses the word CLEAN and makes it sound so appealing.

So far, her collection includes 14 products. It definitely is a fresh and vibrant new approach for teenagers, offering them exciting and youthful products at an affordable price. Very clever marketing genius and marketing uniqueness and aimed at Generation Z.

She isn’t the only celebrity to launch her own beauty line. Some concern was that Selena Gomez also announced her beauty trademark last month. Other celebrities that currently have trademarked their own beauty collections are the following:

  • Lady Gaga: Haus Laboratories and has more than 37 million followers
  • Kylie Jenner: Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin
  • Rihanna: Fenty Beauty and has a few retailer stores within the domestic United States
  • Kim Kardashian West: KKW Beauty
  • Miranda Kerr: Kora Organics

So, Millie has joined the makeup market that has been flooded by other celebrities. Her success will be that she is young and her market will love her product.

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