4 Simple ways to psych yourself up for every workout

The key to your best performance lies in unlocking your mind.

psych yourself up for every workout

Success starts in your head

Your mental attitude plays an important role in crushing your next workout or clanking it, by finally nailing out your maxed out bench press or pure failure or pumping out a new track speed record or not.

When it comes time for that big event you have been training for, you need to realize that it’s impossible to control everything, sometimes life throws an unforeseen event in your path that throws you off your mindset and plans. In order to face these roadblocks, you need to have more than your heart in the game – your mind has to be there too.

But developing a mindset that is equal to your physical resistance can be a challenge. But if you want to have one successful workout after another then you need to learn how to develop your mental resilience. That is what marks the difference between a great athlete and a regular gym goer.

Here are 4 ways how staying mentally fit can help you reach even your attainable fitness goals in no time. Maybe you have hit a workout roadblock or just need to an extra edge to give it your best.

Learn to listen to your body

One of the best ways to get out a bad mood or funk is by listing your thoughts and feelings and act accordingly. If you discover that you tend to talk yourself down or doubt your efforts, then you need to change the script and start being more positive with yourself.

You might say to yourself: “Man, I’m not good enough.” If that is the case say instead; “Come on, remember last week you crushed it, let’s do it again!

No matter what our goals in life, the higher we strive the more challenges we are going to face, the key is staying positive and know when to laugh at ourselves. In other words stop trying to be a perfectionist, nobody aced it the first time – just believe in yourself and you will reach your fitness goals.

Visualize your goals

See yourself finish the race or that last rep – by doing this you make it an actual reality.

This is one of the big differences between a great athlete and common gym goer, they are not visualizing their outcome, the goal or the reality that could be. Olympic athletes train with their mindset in imagining themselves receiving the medal.

How can you visualize your goals? Take a few minutes a day and visualize how you feel by reaching your goals, focus on that triumphant feeling or rush that comes from accomplishing what you set out for. Success comes from getting your head into the game, before you get your body into it.

Recovery time isn’t an option

One of the most common mistakes when trying to achieve our goals is by overtraining and reasoning that taking break will just throw you completely off track.

But overtraining leads in one direction – burnout, which leads to physically and mentally. Give your body and mind a break by taking one or two days a week to refresh your body and brain.

Have a winning state of mind daily

Maintaining a winning state of mind isn’t always easy since life doesn’t always go your way. But the key is having the tools necessary to keep your I-can-do anything attitude.

  • Instead of tracking your progress on your smartphone, track it on a piece of paper. Writing it down makes it more real and not something that can easily be lost along with your smartphone.
  • Have a training calendar that you can easily access throughout the day, just to remind you of your plans, reinforcing your goals.
  • This might sound corny but it really does work – place motivational quotes on stick-it notes around your office, car, house, etc. just to help you keep your positive mindset.

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