Rihanna Gets Candid About Sex, Power and Much More

Rihanna x Fenty Fashion Show

Rihanna has been labeled the sexiest women alive on more than one occasion, which might be why it is so appropriate that she created the most sensual lingerie line – Salvage X Fenty.

On September 10 at 9:30pm, the world-renowned superstar performed a bold choreographed dance routine that brought the crowd to their feet and with a shout of approval. This has never happened before at any New York Fashion Show. The first one to shout out was Kacey Musgraves, then Ashley Graham and Chris Rock just had a wide grin of approval on his face.

There was so much movement on that catwalk, it was hard to know where to look. It was more like a show performed by Cirque Du Soleil than a fashion show. All of the dancers, performers and models were wearing Rihanna’s lingerie, making it was a bewitching show.

Rihanna has created a lingerie line for all types of women’s bodies, for trans women, for all sizes and shapes, and for paraplegic women. Rihanna stated in an interview with Elle magazine that all women are important and belong on her platform. She just hasn’t found a platform big enough yet.

For her recent fashion show, she used a wide range of models and artists. She chose each of them carefully, to represent women’s inner power, for example, Normani is a powerful dancer.

Rihanna tested out all of her lingerie pieces personally; many times she would wear it while dancing in her kitchen. Or to her never ending rehearsals and if something didn’t fit right, it would get adjusted for a perfect fit, no matter what you are doing.

The big upcoming Savage X Fenty fashion show will be aired on September 20 only on Amazon Prime. Rihanna is no stranger to the many benefits of Amazon Prime, such as free shipping on those cufflinks she recently ordered to online streaming of just about everything you want to watch.

But if you are wondering how you can take a sexy selfie of yourself for your partner, boyfriend or whoever while wearing Savage X Fenty lingerie, you can take some of Rihanna’s personal tips.

Fist things first, you need to think about what angle you want to highlight or show off. We all know our assets such as your lips, jawline, rear, legs, waist, breasts, etc. Find that one angle that you just love about your body and highlight them.

Let’s say that you love your breasts, so then focus in on that area by wearing a piece of lingerie that will make them take the spotlight. Chances are if you love your body and are proud to show them off, then your partner will love them too.

By learning to embrace your body, you instantly become more beautiful, powerful and strong in the eyes of the beholder. Rihanna understands how harmful it is to feel powerless and she wants to empower you and every other woman in the world through her lingerie collection – Salvage X Fenty.

The question is- Are you ready to be empowered the sexiest women in the world?

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