Rihanna Will Stream Her Savage X Fenty Runway Show On Amazon Prime

fenty fashion show for amazon prime

Rihanna, the queen of the music world and now, is tackling the fashion industry with her inclusive lingerie line – Savage X Fenty. Rihanna has been busy lately with producing her ninth album and preparing for the Savage X Fenty New York Fashion Week.

Last year when Rihanna presented her first lingerie collection on the New York Fashion show, she was the first clothing line to use so many plus-size models on the runway – EVER! We are excited to see what she has in store for us this year. As it will be bigger than ever and she will stream the entire show live exclusively through Amazon Prime Video to more than 200 different countries, including the United Kingdom.

Are you asking, when will the show be happening? Get ready to mark the date on your calendars, because this will be an event you don’t want to miss. It will be streamed on Friday, September 20 but only on Amazon Prime, so make sure you sign up before that.

Rihanna has successfully conquered everything she sets out to do, whether it is music, acting, beauty, and now fashion. She is reinventing lingerie by making it something fashionable and edgy. For years, lingerie companies directed their exclusive attention to women who were a size six and under. It was considered taboo for a plus size woman to even consider wearing lingerie.

Rihanna has created her brand, Savage X Fenty, around empowering women and promoting body positivity no matter what size you wear. Rihanna believes that lingerie should be something fun and uplifting and not depressing.

In a press release from the Head of Amazon Studios, they stated the following: “The Savage X Fenty Show promises to be a ground breaking and truly unique experience and we’re thrilled to give our global customers an exclusive front row seat.” We must admit that we are pretty excited too.

Rihanna wants to change the reason why we wear lingerie, for decades women only wore lingerie for their partner’s pleasure. But women should be wearing lingerie for themselves and should feel good in what they are wearing. She hopes her lingerie line inspires women to feel confidant about themself and think they are incredibly stunning.

On a recent Instagram post by Savage X Fenty, they stated that their upcoming fashion show is coming soon and will be even bigger and badder than last year. She already warned us that we aren’t ready for it.

The countdown starts now till September 20th! Will you be ready to be wowed?

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