Shapermint is Redefining the Perfect Body with Their Body Positivity Movement!

Do you want the perfect body? Don’t fret! You already have it!

We live in a society that is obsessed with telling us how we should see our bodies. Constantly we are being told that we need to eat better, eat less, eat that and not this, tone up and slim down.

Media has been molding how we view our bodies by glorifying the so-called perfect body and ostracizing anything above a size 6. Let’s be honest, most of us have felt self-conscious wearing a swimsuit since we are 9 years old.

How can we love our bodies, when the world around us is continually conditioning us to feel unsatisfied with our bodies? We are taught to pick apart our flaws and those of others, since we are little.

This body-shaming epidemic has ignited a body positivity movement. The body positivity movement is changing the way media portrays what was considered to be beautiful and celebrating all body types and sizes.

But one shapewear company is bringing together all of our favorite shapewear brands under one roof but with the sole purpose of promoting body positivity.

Shapermint Believes Every Body is Beautiful and Deserves to be Celebrated

Shapermint is a new online marketplace that wants you to shop for your favorite shapewear brands to make you feel confident. As you might have read on reviews about Shapermint, isn’t only a multi-brand online retailer but a body positivity MOVEMENT.

Their goal is to help women worldwide to realize that every body is beautiful. Giving us the courage to bravely love our curves, our flaws and learn to love our bodies. They understand the daily struggle of trying to stop body shaming.

Many popular shapewear brands think they are promoting body positivity by hiring a plus-size model and calling it a day. Often, they sell plus-sizes but you have to click into a separate section, as you are not considered worthy to shop with the so-called beautiful people.

But, this new company doesn’t exclude plus-sizes to their own private little section but all of their products are sold together from XS to XXXL.

Plus, they don’t use professional models; all of their models are real women, just like you and me. Also, they don’t enhance or alter any of their models’ photos that you can see throughout their website. No Photoshop here!

The Shapermint Movement Review

Shapermint is redefining the perfect body with their body positivity movementShapermint encourages women worldwide to love their bodies. They have created a revolution of more than 1 million women who are changing the way they view shapewear. Transforming it from embarrassing enormous panties into a liberating, confidence boosting must-have accessory.

They provide you with some of the best shapewear brands such as Maidenform, Wacoal, MiracleSuit, Bali and many more. Plus, they actually listen to your reviews. If any of their products have less than a 3 star rating, they quickly give it the boot.

Shapewear is empowering, as it hugs all of your little insecurities away. We recognize that we don’t need a piece of clothing to love our bodies, but some days we need a little reassurance to get that spring back into our step.

Critics have called shapewear as an anti-body positive piece of clothing. Wearing shapewear doesn’t mean you are body shaming yourself. Shapewear wearers are not hiding their true selves but they are just accentuating everything they LOVE about their bodies.

Shapewear is really no different from wearing black clothing or a belt around our waist, to make us look slimmer. They are body-positive styling tricks that make your love yourself even more than you already do. Plus, it helps to keep everything in check, so there are no wardrobe malfunctions.

Follow @shapermint movement on Instagram to be inspired by beautiful women worldwide who are learning to love their imperfectly, perfect bodies. All wearing their shapewear LOUD and PROUD!

Let Your Inner Beauty Shine Through

One of the aspects about the Shapermint website that stands out is their inspiring “#ThisIsMyTruth” section. It tells the brave life stories of four very different women as they take a journey to self-love.

They share their struggles with how they looked at their bodies and how after reading Shapermint reviews and trying shapewear, they erased years of body shaming and started to love themselves.

Which story will you relate to? You can share your story how shapewear has helped you to embrace your inner beauty and stop body shaming yourself. Just hashtag #ThisIsMyTruth on your post and inspire others to break through the so-called “perfect body” stereotyping.

Let’s Redefine What we Consider to be Perfect

Stop letting media and others define what they consider to be the perfect body, because you already are perfect. Our bodies are a big part of us and, once we learn to embrace our perfect little flaws, it will reflect how we feel about ourselves and how we each treat our body.

Shapermint wants you to join the challenge of redefining what we consider to be perfection. We don’t just need to tell ourselves that we are beautiful, we need to teach ourselves that we beautiful. The perfect body is your body.



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