Spring 2019 trends you’ve got to try now

Are you ready to get a peak at the upcoming fashion trends for Spring 2019? Anxious to know what your closet will look like for spring ’19? Fashion week in Paris has just come to a close, giving you a glance at some of next year’s biggest styles and trends.

But before you rush out get the latest spring dresses, let’s do a quick recap on what happened last year. For example the scientists announced to the world that by 2040, it would be too late to solve the global warming crisis.

Since fashion is directly influenced by current events and our surroundings, fashion designers resonate their opinions and feelings of our times. So you can expect to see them celebrate beauty despite the bleak future, embracing femininity with a new fearless boldness and promoting body positivity.

Check out the biggest fashion trends for Spring 2019 according to Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Now is the time to get inspired to take control of your future that is not defined by anyone except by you.

Escape from reality

Designers infused next year’s creations with an essence of wanderlust that will transform your world from the bleak, dreary reality into a world where everything is possible. Expect to see mixing different ethic fabrics from around the world, combined with one-of-a kind items such as belts made from macramé or seashells.

new fashion styles

Bring on the shoulder pads

Did you think shoulder pads were so early 80’s? During the last few years’ non-gender clothing has grown in popularity and is on the rise during 2019. We weren’t surprised to see next year’s trendy clothes and blazers included either shoulder pads or a pointed shoulder.

trendy red style

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Shorts are the new skirt

Vogue commented that short skirts are so last year, but spring 2019 is all about shorts, which includes bike shorts, cargo shorts and just about every style of short that you can imagine. One of the biggest fashion trends is switching your suit pants with a tailored short.

shorts fashion style

black shorts style

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Sop hiding behind that bulky trench coat and celebrate your God-given sex appeal with one of many spring dresses or mini dresses. Dressing sexy does not diminish your femininity or presence, but it enhances it.

model hot fashion style

50 shades of magenta everything

This year we saw the appearance of bold Kodak colors but next year expect to see rich magenta pop colors popping up everything. Expect to see bold and beautiful orange, green, red and even magenta pink in all of your favorite looks. Look for one-tone jump suits, spring dresses or raincoats.

pink spring dress

Zebra my world

Dr. Seuss once said the following: “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” Designers went all out with next year’s creations by going heavy on zebra print everything. This new fashion trend is all about allowing you to stand out and finally get noticed.

zebra style fashion

zebra style

Bring back the 80’s denim

Denim has been on the rise the last few seasons and next year be prepared to tackle your mother’s closest for her old 80’s denim. Look for tie-dyed, stonewashed, acid-washed and old-fashioned blue-blue jeans dominating all of next year’s trendy clothes.

spring 80s style

Flutter like a butterfly

Haven’t you ever wanted to flutter away from your daily concerns and problems? One of the latest fashion trends next year is a little butterfly detail either added on to your ensemble or built-in to your outfit. The key, to this look is not overdoing the detail to look, so you don’t feel like you stepped into a little girl’s tea party.

spring fashion style

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