The Absolute Best T-Shirts For Wearing Everyday And More

T shirt Styles

Every girl’s favorite staple in her closet is the trusty-old t-shirt because of its versatility. But they tend to wear out too fast becoming stretched, worn and stained making them unsuitable to be worn in public. So they transform themselves into pajamas or get cut up into rags.

But the reason we wore our favorite t-shirt is because we loved the fit and style, finding another perfect t-shirt is harder than it sounds. For this very reason we have narrowed down the list of some of the absolute best tees available for all of your everyday needs. Here are some of our favorite styles for those days you want to go braless or buy in a bundle.

Our Favorite Cotton Crew

The classic crewneck that looks fantastic with everything and the ideal fit that Goldilocks would have loved, as it isn’t too tight or too loose. Made from thin, lightweight, breathable cotton and comes in a long list of colors and patterns. This definitely is a tee to buy by the bundle.

Best Tee for Layering

J. Crew
J. Crew is known for making high quality clothing that fits perfectly, and their tees are no exception. Their bulk free t-shirt tucks into the tightest jeans for a seamless, streamlined look. If you are looking for the ideal layering tee that comes in solid and striped colors, then look no further.

Best Cropped Tee

Hanes x Karla
Do you have broad shoulders and love wearing a cropped tee with your high waisted jeans? Then we have found the perfect t-shirt for you, made from heavy-duty cotton for that extra security you need when bearing your midriff.

Best T-shirt For Going Braless

If you enjoy going braless occasionally but don’t want the world to know, then you are looking for a tee that has a little extra weight to it. The Uniqlo tee is completely opaque, so you can wear it with any colored bras or go braless and nobody would be able to tell. The tailored cut fits perfectly without being too tight.

Best Tie-Dye

The tie-dye trend keeps coming back year after year with strength and we aren’t complaining. Madewell offers some of the most appealing hand-dyed tees available. Each one is hand-dyed and uniquely one-of-a-kind.

Best Sports Tee

Outdoor Voices
You will love this t-shirt so much you will wear it even when you aren’t working out. Designed to wick away your sweat so you feel dry at all times, but still feels as sift as your favorite cotton tee.

Best Boyfriend T-shirt

Cotton Citizen
Cotton Citizen oversized Sydney tee is everything you have been looking for in your boyfriend’s t-shirt but with extra tailoring. Made from the softest cotton ever, trust us you will never want to take it off.

Best V-Neck Tee

Finding the perfect V-neck is a struggle because it can’t dip too low that you are overly conscience of what you are showing off but at the same time you don’t want to look like a nun. Vince gives a low enough cut to flatter your everyday style.

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