Top 10 Test Boosters for Testosterone

Nowadays, testosterone is an endangered hormone. Excessive consumption of junk food, alcoholic beverages, and lack of rest, stressful activities and other things that destroy the natural production of testosterone are becoming increasingly inherent in our society.

This does not only affect our health and quality of life, but our results within the gym as well. However, with our top 10 test boosters you should be able to improve testosterone levels naturally.

how to bust your muscles

1) Lose fat. Whether it’s an existing excess or gained in a diet to build muscle mass, fat cells have the ability to release an enzyme called aromatase capable of converting testosterone into estrogen, and the more fat you possess the greater the chance of you being on the “losing” side of testosterone.

2) Start making better choices in the kitchen. Most man made foods – processed ones – contain numerous substances (sugars, trans fats, dyes, preservatives, hormones, etc.) that can affect the production of testosterone. With a little creativity, it is possible to substitute any type of junk or fast food into healthier options, which contains nutrients that aid hypertrophy.

3) Drink less alcohol. Alcohol is a known enemy of testosterone, and its consumption has a direct relationship with its decline. If you cannot or do not want to eliminate the use of alcohol, this is your option and 100% personal, however the decrease in consumption would certainly amplify your results inside the gym and in other areas of life.

4) If you are a fan of aerobics, opt for the high intensity ones (Example: HIIT). Low-intensity and long-term aerobics are linked to high and chronic levels of cortisol that, in addition to directly interfering with muscle mass gains, may decrease testosterone levels.

5) Decrease stress levels. Easier said than done, yet seeking to avoid unnecessarily stressful situations can have a positive effect on testosterone production.

6) Avoid sugar. Contrary to what many people believe, eliminating sugar from the diet does not cause hypoglycemia or any such type and will have a positive effect on testosterone production.

7) Do not avoid fats. Saturated fats and even cholesterol (from healthy sources) play an important role in the metabolism of anabolic hormones.

8) Embrace compound exercises. The use of compound exercises (which use more than one muscle / joint group to perform) generate greater metabolic stress, therefore generating more testosterone and growth hormone.

9) Avoid soy products. Amongst the many studies that detonate or demean soya, there are much better foods, which do not place your testosterone at risk.

10) Beware of stimulants. Excessive stimulants (usually from pre-workouts) and extended times can generate a significantly higher production of cortisol which will affect your testosterone levels.

In addition to these tips, there are a multitude of other factors that can also increase (or decrease) natural testosterone, but you do not necessarily have to complicate your life to keep levels of this hormone at the top of the benchmark.

Testosterone is the main natural anabolic hormone the body produces and it is the main limiter of how much muscle mass you can gain and maintain naturally (considering that you train and feed yourself the right way).

It becomes obvious that we should try to increase the natural production of testosterone in any way to generate more results – the more, the better.

In summary, what we try to explain with these tips is that to increase and really boost testosterone naturally you need to try to live a life within more balanced rhythm, without excess and avoiding bad habits from our society, which are seen to be normal (but still killing our anabolic hormones).

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