We are obsessed with Naomi Campbell YouTube Channel “Being Naomi”

Naomi Campbell YouTube Channel

YouTube is that place on online were we go only if we are desperately looking for a distraction for life or a video on how to improve your makeup skills. We used to go to YouTube for all of our celebrity updates and gossip or just about for everything else. But nowadays it literally has too much information that it is almost impossible to find what you are looking for.

But there is one YouTube channel that you need to have on your radar! We are totally obsessing about Naomi Campbell’s YouTube channel called “Being Naomi.”

Naomi Campbell is part of an elite group of elite models that have been declared “supermodels” and she is the only black model. She recently celebrated her 49th birthday, even though she looks ageless. She is an expert on absolutely everything related to the fashion industry.

One of the reasons, Naomi is legendary is her walk. No other model has been able to replicate her strut on the catwalk. Even Gigi Hadid has asked Naomi for lessons but hasn’t been able to perfect the “Naomi sway.”

But she has decided to share her advice with everyone who wants to subscribe to her YouTube Channel. The channel gives her fans and fashionista an insider view into her life as a model, businesswoman and an activist. Plus it gives us the opportunity to communicate with a supermodel.

Naomi has been busier than ever the last year with running her charity, Fashion for Relief, returning to rule the catwalk and starting her first beauty contract with Nars Cosmetics. The best part of her busy life is that she is documenting every little detail on her YouTube channel “Being Naomi.”

Not only is she giving us tutorials on how to apply our makeup but we can see her doing day-to-day activities such as grocery shopping, exercising and traveling around the globe.

Come on, admit it! You love watching rich celebrities doing things that we do everyday, it makes them so much more relatable. For example, one of her most viewed videos on her channel is dedicated to her mother titled “My Relationship With My Mother.”

This video clip talks about how Naomi’s momma taught her to how to walk the catwalk. She stressed to her daughter that she needed to have swag in each step and walk to a rhythm even when there isn’t music in the background. Her momma knew a thing or two because her daughter now has the most legendary walk in fashion history.

We loved the video titled, “Spilling the (High) Tea With Patrick Starr” where she admits her love for hot sauce and carries a bottle in her purse at all times. But her favorite hot sauce can’t be purchased online as she makes it herself with her secret mix of spices. She believes this hot sauce has helped her stay healthy even when under stress, as she rarely gets sick.

We cannot express how much we LOVE her makeup editorials. They are so simple and easy to follow and the best is that they don’t require a whole bunch of equipment and supplies that we don’t already have at home.

But there is more, such as when she wipes down her plane seat with baby wipes or goes shopping at Whole Foods. We love her upbeat personality and her love for life.

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