What is the best bridal shapewear?

You have found the perfect dress, the perfect venue and the perfect guy. Everything is picture perfect for your special day or is it? On your wedding day, you literally will have your picture taken from every single angle and those pictures are going to be eternal, so you need to look your best.

The key to perfect pictures is not the dress, the venue or the flowers but it’s the wedding shapewear underneath the dress. Think of bridal shapewear as the foundation for your dress. Just as there is a smoothing layer of buttercream on your wedding cake so the finishing touch of fondant sits effortless and perfectly on your cake.

Many bridal stores will try to sell you on getting a corset under the wedding dress, built-in but, since the corset is designed to support the dress, it often ends up looking like the dress is wearing you and not the other way around.

Finding the best shapewear for the wedding dress of your dreams will depend entirely upon the style of your dress. Thankfully, we are here to give you a helping hand in finding the ideal bridal shapewear for any wedding dress.

You are wearing a deep V-neck dress

Instead of looking for a bra that can almost impossibly accommodate that low neckline, look for a bodysuit with a built-in bra that will ensure that everything stays actually where it should despite the deep V-neck.

You are wearing a clingy or form-fitting dress

One of the most popular styles of wedding shapewear is a hi-waist tummy-tucking body shaping brief or boy short, as it is designed to pull in your midsection giving you a seamless look.

You are wearing a strapless dress

Forgot your regular strapless bra under your dress, but do you really want to risk having your picture taken while you are trying to pull it back into place on your wedding day? Instead, opt for a strapless corset under the wedding dress for all-day support with zero slippage, as it will wrap around your midsection.

You are wearing a body-hugging dress

The dress is perfect, but your look can instantly be ruined if a tummy or back bulge pops out. Have total peace of mind by slipping into a lightweight, contouring slip with a built-in bra.

You are wearing an open-backed dress

Nothing is sexier than an open-back wedding gown, especially for an outdoor wedding venue but, you certainly cannot wear your regular bra. Your best choice would be adhesive bra cups, often made from silicone for a more natural feel and look.

Some final words of wisdom. Don’t let the bridal store pressure you into purchasing their wedding shapewear, often it is over priced and poor quality. Take the time to investigate what type is best suited for your wedding dress style and read the reviews.

Look for styles that are seamless, since you will be wearing it all day and you want optimum comfort. Plus, you don’t need your panty lines showing up in your wedding pictures.

One of the biggest mistakes brides make is by choosing shapewear that is the same color as your wedding dress, but it never really is the same color. And after dressing or hugging a long line of family and friends, your wedding dress will slip and everyone will know that you are wearing shapewear. Instead, opt for a shapewear that matches your natural skin tone.

Make sure you take your new bridal shapewear for a test drive before your wedding day. And don’t forget to smile!

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