Which Important Lesson on Fashion Did Lais Ribeiro Lean From Adriana Lima?

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The Victoria’s Secret Angel and ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue model shares the important style lesson that Adriana Lima taught her.

Sports Illustrated is a very sexy kind of thing — and last night we were all dressed up and everything — but today I’m more casual. I put my sneakers on because I didn’t want to be in high heels all day long.

My personal style really depends on the occasion. I wear everything. We dress up for events and I’m casual at home and going to the airport, I’m comfortable.

I travel a lot to the beach, so I love Tulum and their style and it’s so very casual. The only thing I really like these days are beach clothes. I’m always at the beach. There’s one street in Tulum with all these shops and crystals that is very my style, as well.

I am definitely the one [who takes two minutes to get ready]. Depending on the occasion, you know what I do? ‘OK, that’s what where I’m going’ and I think about an outfit, I put it on and that’s it. I don’t want to try it on, because that’s our job, you know? You put clothes on and off all day long and I just want to set and go.

When I shop, I never try anything on. I’m like, ‘I know this is gonna fit.’ I’m not the person who really follows, ‘oh my god, this trend.’ I would be curious to try it on and if I like it, ‘yes, let’s do it,’ but I have to feel good putting something on, for sure.

Adriana Lima is always like that. She’s like, ‘I like this, I’m gonna put it on.’ Anyway, she just gave me that confidence to wear whatever you want, because you feel good in it and you don’t need to please everybody.

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